Feb. 3rd, 2012

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New journal, new journal, gotta love the smell of new journal~
... Okay, that makes no sense, but whatever!

Also, uh, what the hell DW? Y U NO LIEK TERRARIA? How am I the first person to be interested in it? AHHHHHH. Excuse me while I explode from the incomprehensible nature of it all!
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Mmmm, back from work. Just showered. Feeling ever so clean and fresh!

I saw a bit of the guy I have a crush on at work today, although predictably he came in the middle of a rush so I didn't really get to talk to him much. :( He seems to think he's super boring or something, because whenever I ask him what's new, he seems almost sad to say that there's nothing really. And then he tells me something new anyways and I'm inevitably interested. For instance, he's taking a course on Vampire Cinema. I MEAN REALLY THAT IS A REALLY COOL CLASS HOW CAN THAT NOT BE COOL. Then again, I always seem to fall for the adorkable guys with self-confidence problems, so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.

(Although seriously, he needs to ask me out. He keeps being all adorable and stuff to me and even I, the most oblivious and self-doubting when it comes to all things relationship-wise, think he likes me. Therefore, it must be so! I just wish he'd stop being so shy and ask me out. Ignore the fact that I refuse to do so myself - it's only PARTLY because I want him to ask me first...)

Otherwise, yeah. I doodled a bit at work. My manager stole my random sheet o' doodles and doodled back on it, sending things to attack what I'd drawn D: BUT THEY FOUGHT BACK AND WON so it's all good. >__>

Yeah, I had a pretty average day. Tomorrow I work at noon and then afterwards in the evening I'm celebrating my brother's girlfriend's birthday with my family. I still need to pick her up a gift, actually. Hopefully I'll remember on my way home!


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