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Lexi-face ([personal profile] the_muse) wrote2012-02-10 01:31 pm

playthroughs are amazing / recommendations?

Day o7 • A song you hate.
At first I thought this was gonna be a tough one, but then I remembered "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. Ffffff. I think it just teaches terrible lessons to kids. "Fight over the boy because he's so awesomez0rz hurr durr." I mean, really. :/ (And then it has the audacity to be catchy. XP)

Not much else really going on today. I had a stupidly-early shift this morning, I downloaded some new music from iTunes recently (more Florence + The Machine)... nothing really. It's been kind of boring in that respect? ^__^;

Oh, last night I ended up watching one of the bad endings you can get in Hatoful Boyfriend? The entire thing was crack, of course. I mean, you as the main character apparently live in a cave on a cliff and this is pretty much hand-waved. EVEN IGNORING THE FACT THAT YOU ARE A HUMAN LOOKING FOR LOVE IN A SCHOOL MADE FOR BIRDS, the game is just friggin' weird. Anyways, I ended up watching the bad ending for the doctor (is there even a good ending for him? I HAVE NO IDEA) and it was... uh.... interesting. He kills you, although he promises to experiment on you carefully. He keeps your head and says something about experimenting on your insides intimately? It was just weird. JUST PLAIN WEIRD OKAY.

So after that crack-fest, I decided, hey, why not watch a playthrough of something less insane? So I started watching Fatal Frame 2. :) I was gonna watch the first one, but the quality on the videos was shitty (I know it`s an older game but still) so I switched to the second one. Too bad I had to go to sleep before I could get super-scared or anything. The only thing that had me worrying was the player's issues in combat, haha.

Fatal Frame 3 was way creepier, imo. I mean, the further you get into the game, the harder it is to tell what is dream and what is reality. (When you sleep, you dream of the ghosty house and do all your creeper stuff there.) The house used to be a nice, safe spot where you could be like "Phewww, I'm safe. I did it. Okay." You could recharge and do the next bit, y'know? But the ghosty bits get longer and longer and eventually the ghosties start showing up inside your house, even. I mean, it scared the crap out of me just watching it. You go inside the bathroom and at first it's all fine and dandy, but then suddenly BLAM GHOST IN THE MIRROR. I know it's cheesy, but really, you start expecting it for so long that you FORGET TO EXPECT IT AND THAT'S WHEN IT SHOWS UP. asasdfjkl;

So yeah. I hope Fatal Frame 2 gets creepier soon so I can be all OMGZ and eat a million cookies. :3

Any suggestions on what I should watch next, scary-game-wise? I hear the Silent Hill games are good, but I'm not sure where to start. I want something scary, preferably psychological horror added in (although the JUMP-AHHHHH type scary is okay too), and, yes this may be picky of me, but it needs to have nice graphics. (Better immersion, y'know?) So yes. Recommendations if you've got 'em because I wanna know what to watch next! ^__^

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