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I remember that I actually have a journal!

Holy poop on toast - it's been a while.

Not much to say tonight. I've been busy doing a whole ton of things. Long story short: I've been accepted into the Professional Writing program at my local college, I've been having weird dreams lately, I'm thinking of setting up an RP journal here for one of my Exalted characters, aaaaaand... I have work at 7am tomorrow, so I should probably get to bed.

(Also, icon overhaul for the win~)

As if.

Feb. 5th, 2012 01:33 pm
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As if I am writing frustrated poetry about my situation with Keith. I have degenerated back to high school levels of angst in my writing and I am heartily ashamed now. The Prufrock references are all that save it, currently. AND THE ENDING IS THE SAPPIEST PIECE OF WTF THAT I HAVE EVER READ. And I've read a lot of my crappy, angst-ridden high school era poetry.

Holy poop on toast is it bad.

If I can get ten minutes alone with him during our shift tomorrow where I'm not ridiculously busy serving customers, I think I may very well have to try asking him out. Either that, or I'll implode and become a high school angst-case again, which I'd seriously like to avoid, thanks.

(... I do like my Prufrock references though. I thought they were rather witty. :3)
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Day o2 • A song you find incredibly beautiful.
Uhmmmm... I find a lot of music beautiful. This is so incredibly challenging! Ah! Here! *throws music at you* [Darling Kanaya from Homestuck]

So I did that bogus customer service training last night at work. It was much as I expected. "Care about your customers and stuff~" was pretty much the focus point. So, uh, yeah. That means doing what I've been doing all along? And hoping that the other departments start caring a little so I can do my job better? (Actually answering my pages? WHAT A CONCEPT.)

After that was my brother's girlfriend's birthday party thing at my parent's place. We had garlicky pasta, caesar salad, garlic bread, and homemade hamburgers (my Dad makes the best)! And then these omg-frigging-amazing cupcakes for dessert~ Overall, it was pretty fun. And it was nice seeing everybody again!

I want to get back to writing more again, like I did when I did NaNoWriMo, but it's been tough. I've started up a new project that had been boiling away in the back of my mind, but it's not exactly something I can get published because it's based off of White Wolf's Exalted. Essentially, I'm chronicling the life of one of my favourite characters (one that I made, but still). It's going to be super-duper awesome if I can make it work out, but yeah. It'd mostly be just for me and my friends to look at or perhaps something I could include in a portfolio if it turns out to be really good. (Can you include copyrighted stuff in a portfolio? I have no idea! Something to figure out, I suppose.)

Bah, it's cold this morning. I don't work till 3, but I still wanna do stuff today. I think I'll try to write a bit more before eventually devolving to Mass Effect 2 gaming :D


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