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Day o4 • A song that explains your first kiss.
I'm not really sure I have one. It wasn't that outstanding haha. (For the lulz, I just randomized my iTunes to see if it would give me something awesome, and I got "Mozart" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which is amazing. XD Also, this video is amazing because that guy running around is awesome. Just saying.)

Day o5 • A song that makes you turn up the volume on your radio.
Well, since the only time I listen to the radio is at work, it'd be either "Every Breath You Take" ~ The Police (it's creepy, but I still really like it? D:) or "Just The Way You Are" ~ Bruno Mars because omg, Keith randomly potentially dedicated this song to me one time at work? And now it just makes me squee. X3

Day o6 • A song that is a cover.
I found this online a couple of years ago and it made me lol, especially since I love the original. This one's good too, but... just lol. ["Call Me" ~ The 69 Eyes.]

Anyway... Holy poop, it's been a while. I kinda got semi-kidnapped by friends? BUT IT WAS AWESOME FUN-TIMES SO WHATEVER~ There was a lot of Terraria and a lot of game-discussion, so over all, I really, really don't mind. We're in hard-mode in Terraria and we ended up taking on two of the bosses RIGHT AFTER EACH OTHER because my friend Drew is INSANE and some how we managed to beat them. First was the Twins and then the Destroyer, who was wayyyy easier than people seem to be indicating. Apparently the Destroyer is supposed to be hella hard? Not really for us. *shrug* Anyways, it was amazingly fun and HOLY CRAP. I can't wait until I'm ready to go into hard-mode in my solo-world~

Otherwise, I recently ran across something weird on the internet (not hard to do some days!) that caught my eye. It's called Hatoful Boyfriend? (Infos here) Apparently it's a pigeon dating sim... but you play a human female. I'm not really sure what I think about it, so I'm gonna check it out on youtube but... yeah. It sounds like crack, which I enjoy watching, so who knows? XD
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New journal, new journal, gotta love the smell of new journal~
... Okay, that makes no sense, but whatever!

Also, uh, what the hell DW? Y U NO LIEK TERRARIA? How am I the first person to be interested in it? AHHHHHH. Excuse me while I explode from the incomprehensible nature of it all!


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