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Day 10 • A song that makes you feel empowered.
Probably "Keep Quiet" ~ The Protomen. "I will not be told where to stand! I will not be told what to say. Not by man or machine, not by you, not by anyone tonight. Gonna have to do better than fear. Gonna have to step out of the shadows and fight!" It's just such a fearless song and, yeah, that's pretty bad-ass. :)

Day 11 • A song you can daydream to.
Depends on the kind of daydreaming I feel like doing. Just regular, everyday sort of daydreaming is pretty awesome when soundtracked by "Daydreamer" ~ Lemongrass (geeze, I wonder where they got the name for that track lololol), but some of the more melancholic sort of daydreamy stuff I do goes well with "Prayer" ~ Shadow of the Colossus.

Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal.

I got the letter 'A' from [personal profile] white_mage

Apples, Alice in Wonderland, Anime, Au Revoir Simone (a band~), Alliteration, Aimee (my niece~), Animals, Ar Tonelico, Atelier Iris, Art
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Day o8 • A song that's a guilty pleasure.
Hmmm... I'm not really sure. I guess my enduring love for HIM is kind of like a guilty pleasure, in that it's not really something most people would guess of me. I usually come across as this happy, excitable, but relatively laid-back kind of girl (who is an utter nerd, omg)... so the sort of gothy-love-songs that are associated with HIM are kind of... odd? I dunno. That's the closest to a guilty pleasure I have. XD [I really like The Path ~ HIM. It's so dark-lovely, although not as dark as some of them, I suppose. Okay, so there are darker songs out there, but it's certainly not the happy-thoughtful music I usually listen to and I like it so there.]

Day o9 • A song that makes you want to kick some ass.
Oh my gosh, this is where I just wanna spam all the battle-music that was used in the uber-long Exalted campaign I was in (BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING AND EPIC AND - *rants all day*) but I figured people likely didn't wanna sift through a million links, so I'll just limit it to a couple. :) [Maybe I'm A Lion & Those Who Fight Further (both by The Black Mages -- hurray for FF covers!)]

Also, omg, The Protomen are frigging epic and everybody needs to get their stuff immediately. That being said, Vengeance is definitely an "I'mma kick your ass" sort of song. "Send your armies, there's no man or machine who can stop me, and you'll soon see. I come for vengeance[...] All you wounded, those of you who can, hurry back, tell your leader, you'll need more men." It's like, hello, I'm unstoppable. AND FRIGGING EPIC~

I just recently realized that I didn't have a flail/enthusiastic/excited icon on here. And that was a supreme tragedy since about half of my life is spent in that sort of state! I AM THE EXCITE~ So yeah. Now we get adorable-face Jade to show my enthusiasm powers on the internets XD Or at the very least, on my journal here.

So yes. Not too much new here. I've got a lot of gaming prep to do, both on the player side and the DMing side, so I should probably get back to that. There's a bit of work to do on this character I have for a Mass Effect game, one for a Pathfinder game, an Exalted character that I shouldn't plan for but I'm excited over nevertheless... and then there's an Exalted game to actually plan MYSELF. With lots of Fair Folk! Because everybody loves having Fair Folk around! (Read: I really love Fair Folk, heh. ^__^;)

Anyway, once I'm done, I may end up ranting a bit more about it (likely behind a cut for the poor people who are uninterested). :)
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Day o7 • A song you hate.
At first I thought this was gonna be a tough one, but then I remembered "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. Ffffff. I think it just teaches terrible lessons to kids. "Fight over the boy because he's so awesomez0rz hurr durr." I mean, really. :/ (And then it has the audacity to be catchy. XP)

Not much else really going on today. I had a stupidly-early shift this morning, I downloaded some new music from iTunes recently (more Florence + The Machine)... nothing really. It's been kind of boring in that respect? ^__^;

Oh, last night I ended up watching one of the bad endings you can get in Hatoful Boyfriend? The entire thing was crack, of course. spoilers )

So after that crack-fest, I decided, hey, why not watch a playthrough of something less insane? So I started watching Fatal Frame 2. :) I was gonna watch the first one, but the quality on the videos was shitty (I know it`s an older game but still) so I switched to the second one. Too bad I had to go to sleep before I could get super-scared or anything. The only thing that had me worrying was the player's issues in combat, haha.

Fatal Frame 3 was way creepier, imo. I mean, the further you get into the game, the harder it is to tell what is dream and what is reality. (When you sleep, you dream of the ghosty house and do all your creeper stuff there.) potential spoilers )

So yeah. I hope Fatal Frame 2 gets creepier soon so I can be all OMGZ and eat a million cookies. :3

Any suggestions on what I should watch next, scary-game-wise? I hear the Silent Hill games are good, but I'm not sure where to start. I want something scary, preferably psychological horror added in (although the JUMP-AHHHHH type scary is okay too), and, yes this may be picky of me, but it needs to have nice graphics. (Better immersion, y'know?) So yes. Recommendations if you've got 'em because I wanna know what to watch next! ^__^
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Day o4 • A song that explains your first kiss.
I'm not really sure I have one. It wasn't that outstanding haha. (For the lulz, I just randomized my iTunes to see if it would give me something awesome, and I got "Mozart" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which is amazing. XD Also, this video is amazing because that guy running around is awesome. Just saying.)

Day o5 • A song that makes you turn up the volume on your radio.
Well, since the only time I listen to the radio is at work, it'd be either "Every Breath You Take" ~ The Police (it's creepy, but I still really like it? D:) or "Just The Way You Are" ~ Bruno Mars because omg, Keith randomly potentially dedicated this song to me one time at work? And now it just makes me squee. X3

Day o6 • A song that is a cover.
I found this online a couple of years ago and it made me lol, especially since I love the original. This one's good too, but... just lol. ["Call Me" ~ The 69 Eyes.]

Anyway... Holy poop, it's been a while. I kinda got semi-kidnapped by friends? BUT IT WAS AWESOME FUN-TIMES SO WHATEVER~ There was a lot of Terraria and a lot of game-discussion, so over all, I really, really don't mind. We're in hard-mode in Terraria and we ended up taking on two of the bosses RIGHT AFTER EACH OTHER because my friend Drew is INSANE and some how we managed to beat them. First was the Twins and then the Destroyer, who was wayyyy easier than people seem to be indicating. Apparently the Destroyer is supposed to be hella hard? Not really for us. *shrug* Anyways, it was amazingly fun and HOLY CRAP. I can't wait until I'm ready to go into hard-mode in my solo-world~

Otherwise, I recently ran across something weird on the internet (not hard to do some days!) that caught my eye. It's called Hatoful Boyfriend? (Infos here) Apparently it's a pigeon dating sim... but you play a human female. I'm not really sure what I think about it, so I'm gonna check it out on youtube but... yeah. It sounds like crack, which I enjoy watching, so who knows? XD
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Day o2 • A song you find incredibly beautiful.
Uhmmmm... I find a lot of music beautiful. This is so incredibly challenging! Ah! Here! *throws music at you* [Darling Kanaya from Homestuck]

So I did that bogus customer service training last night at work. It was much as I expected. "Care about your customers and stuff~" was pretty much the focus point. So, uh, yeah. That means doing what I've been doing all along? And hoping that the other departments start caring a little so I can do my job better? (Actually answering my pages? WHAT A CONCEPT.)

After that was my brother's girlfriend's birthday party thing at my parent's place. We had garlicky pasta, caesar salad, garlic bread, and homemade hamburgers (my Dad makes the best)! And then these omg-frigging-amazing cupcakes for dessert~ Overall, it was pretty fun. And it was nice seeing everybody again!

I want to get back to writing more again, like I did when I did NaNoWriMo, but it's been tough. I've started up a new project that had been boiling away in the back of my mind, but it's not exactly something I can get published because it's based off of White Wolf's Exalted. Essentially, I'm chronicling the life of one of my favourite characters (one that I made, but still). It's going to be super-duper awesome if I can make it work out, but yeah. It'd mostly be just for me and my friends to look at or perhaps something I could include in a portfolio if it turns out to be really good. (Can you include copyrighted stuff in a portfolio? I have no idea! Something to figure out, I suppose.)

Bah, it's cold this morning. I don't work till 3, but I still wanna do stuff today. I think I'll try to write a bit more before eventually devolving to Mass Effect 2 gaming :D
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meme snagged from [personal profile] white_mage

Day o1 • A song you would like your loved ones to play at your funeral.
Predictably, video game music. There'd be sad stuff like some of the lonely Shadow of the Colossus stuff (see Prayer, for instance), but it would end with something happier, like Burg's Theme from Lunar: Silver Star Story. :D

I had weird dreams last night that... I can't even describe them now that I'm awake. They kept waking me up though. It had something to do with people blowing up the earth by tricking me about something. And then there was something about pixies? *shrug* Sadly, there was no Keith in this set of dreams! (Relevant info: Keith is the guy I have a crush on.) He'd been randomly appearing in my dreams for a couple of days but I guess that was enough for him, hm? :p

The roomie came back at who-knows o'clock this morning, likely around 3 or 4am. No idea where she was but hey, she's a living mystery sometimes. ^__^

Uhhhh... that's about it for now, really. I mean, I just got up half an hour ago. Time to get something to eat and go catch up on Homestuck in the living room. :)
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