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Aaaaaaah just survived an 8.5 hour shift! Usually we don't get anything more than 6-hour shifts where I work, so yeah, that was pretty crazy. It was kinda busy and I got really tired in parts, but I managed to coax bits of energy back into my system somehow, so it worked out in the end!

Now I'm just drinking a lychee soda and wondering what to do with the rest of the day. I won't be up too late (from a combination of TIRED and having another 7am shift tomorrow) but hmmm... Likely some more Sims Medieval, because that seems to be my go-to relaxation game these days. It's always so cracked out and hilarious when I play it, so that's fun :) Half of the kids in the kingdom are named after people from Revolutionary Girl Utena. I've got Wakaba, Nanami, Tsuwabuki, Touga, and Anthy... I think that's it. Sadly, not all of them really look like their namesakes (except Tsuwabuki and Anthy (kind of)), but it's the thought that counts! Ooooo, idea -- maybe my next kingdom will be entirely Utena characters! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME *happy happy*

not dead!

Feb. 25th, 2012 12:07 am
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Holy poop on a cracker, it`s almost been two weeks!

Things have been busy as hell lately. There's been gaming, getting better from being sick, and general shenanigans that really don't need all that much saying, I guess?

I'll update more coherently when I'm not going to bed. Just putting up a heads up that I'm still alive and whatnot. I think a catch-up entry's due for after I wake up (if I have time before work). :)
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Day o8 • A song that's a guilty pleasure.
Hmmm... I'm not really sure. I guess my enduring love for HIM is kind of like a guilty pleasure, in that it's not really something most people would guess of me. I usually come across as this happy, excitable, but relatively laid-back kind of girl (who is an utter nerd, omg)... so the sort of gothy-love-songs that are associated with HIM are kind of... odd? I dunno. That's the closest to a guilty pleasure I have. XD [I really like The Path ~ HIM. It's so dark-lovely, although not as dark as some of them, I suppose. Okay, so there are darker songs out there, but it's certainly not the happy-thoughtful music I usually listen to and I like it so there.]

Day o9 • A song that makes you want to kick some ass.
Oh my gosh, this is where I just wanna spam all the battle-music that was used in the uber-long Exalted campaign I was in (BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING AND EPIC AND - *rants all day*) but I figured people likely didn't wanna sift through a million links, so I'll just limit it to a couple. :) [Maybe I'm A Lion & Those Who Fight Further (both by The Black Mages -- hurray for FF covers!)]

Also, omg, The Protomen are frigging epic and everybody needs to get their stuff immediately. That being said, Vengeance is definitely an "I'mma kick your ass" sort of song. "Send your armies, there's no man or machine who can stop me, and you'll soon see. I come for vengeance[...] All you wounded, those of you who can, hurry back, tell your leader, you'll need more men." It's like, hello, I'm unstoppable. AND FRIGGING EPIC~

I just recently realized that I didn't have a flail/enthusiastic/excited icon on here. And that was a supreme tragedy since about half of my life is spent in that sort of state! I AM THE EXCITE~ So yeah. Now we get adorable-face Jade to show my enthusiasm powers on the internets XD Or at the very least, on my journal here.

So yes. Not too much new here. I've got a lot of gaming prep to do, both on the player side and the DMing side, so I should probably get back to that. There's a bit of work to do on this character I have for a Mass Effect game, one for a Pathfinder game, an Exalted character that I shouldn't plan for but I'm excited over nevertheless... and then there's an Exalted game to actually plan MYSELF. With lots of Fair Folk! Because everybody loves having Fair Folk around! (Read: I really love Fair Folk, heh. ^__^;)

Anyway, once I'm done, I may end up ranting a bit more about it (likely behind a cut for the poor people who are uninterested). :)

As if.

Feb. 5th, 2012 01:33 pm
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As if I am writing frustrated poetry about my situation with Keith. I have degenerated back to high school levels of angst in my writing and I am heartily ashamed now. The Prufrock references are all that save it, currently. AND THE ENDING IS THE SAPPIEST PIECE OF WTF THAT I HAVE EVER READ. And I've read a lot of my crappy, angst-ridden high school era poetry.

Holy poop on toast is it bad.

If I can get ten minutes alone with him during our shift tomorrow where I'm not ridiculously busy serving customers, I think I may very well have to try asking him out. Either that, or I'll implode and become a high school angst-case again, which I'd seriously like to avoid, thanks.

(... I do like my Prufrock references though. I thought they were rather witty. :3)
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Mmmm, back from work. Just showered. Feeling ever so clean and fresh!

I saw a bit of the guy I have a crush on at work today, although predictably he came in the middle of a rush so I didn't really get to talk to him much. :( He seems to think he's super boring or something, because whenever I ask him what's new, he seems almost sad to say that there's nothing really. And then he tells me something new anyways and I'm inevitably interested. For instance, he's taking a course on Vampire Cinema. I MEAN REALLY THAT IS A REALLY COOL CLASS HOW CAN THAT NOT BE COOL. Then again, I always seem to fall for the adorkable guys with self-confidence problems, so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.

(Although seriously, he needs to ask me out. He keeps being all adorable and stuff to me and even I, the most oblivious and self-doubting when it comes to all things relationship-wise, think he likes me. Therefore, it must be so! I just wish he'd stop being so shy and ask me out. Ignore the fact that I refuse to do so myself - it's only PARTLY because I want him to ask me first...)

Otherwise, yeah. I doodled a bit at work. My manager stole my random sheet o' doodles and doodled back on it, sending things to attack what I'd drawn D: BUT THEY FOUGHT BACK AND WON so it's all good. >__>

Yeah, I had a pretty average day. Tomorrow I work at noon and then afterwards in the evening I'm celebrating my brother's girlfriend's birthday with my family. I still need to pick her up a gift, actually. Hopefully I'll remember on my way home!
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New journal, new journal, gotta love the smell of new journal~
... Okay, that makes no sense, but whatever!

Also, uh, what the hell DW? Y U NO LIEK TERRARIA? How am I the first person to be interested in it? AHHHHHH. Excuse me while I explode from the incomprehensible nature of it all!
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