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Mmmm, back from work. Just showered. Feeling ever so clean and fresh!

I saw a bit of the guy I have a crush on at work today, although predictably he came in the middle of a rush so I didn't really get to talk to him much. :( He seems to think he's super boring or something, because whenever I ask him what's new, he seems almost sad to say that there's nothing really. And then he tells me something new anyways and I'm inevitably interested. For instance, he's taking a course on Vampire Cinema. I MEAN REALLY THAT IS A REALLY COOL CLASS HOW CAN THAT NOT BE COOL. Then again, I always seem to fall for the adorkable guys with self-confidence problems, so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.

(Although seriously, he needs to ask me out. He keeps being all adorable and stuff to me and even I, the most oblivious and self-doubting when it comes to all things relationship-wise, think he likes me. Therefore, it must be so! I just wish he'd stop being so shy and ask me out. Ignore the fact that I refuse to do so myself - it's only PARTLY because I want him to ask me first...)

Otherwise, yeah. I doodled a bit at work. My manager stole my random sheet o' doodles and doodled back on it, sending things to attack what I'd drawn D: BUT THEY FOUGHT BACK AND WON so it's all good. >__>

Yeah, I had a pretty average day. Tomorrow I work at noon and then afterwards in the evening I'm celebrating my brother's girlfriend's birthday with my family. I still need to pick her up a gift, actually. Hopefully I'll remember on my way home!

Just saying.

Date: 2012-02-04 06:44 pm (UTC)
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Once upon a time I met this tall, shy, terminally polite adorkable guy with the prettiest eyes and the deepest singing voice and the most epic beard ever. I sat by him, I gave him my winningest smile, I flirted, I was clever and lovely and obviously into him and he wouldn't ask me out. I asked him out instead, and he immediately said yes. He even looked surprised. He said he didn't ask me out because he didn't think I'd say yes.
We've been married for two years.

Ask him out!

Just saying.


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